In the food industry, food safety gloves provides a barrier protection and promotes food hygiene.

Central Medicare especially features a breakthrough 1.6mil nitrile glove as a specialized food safety glove. It provides an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience, high dexterity and with tensile and elongation properties that are comparable to medical gloves.

Central Medicare understands that only certain types of gloves may be used for food handling. Residues from gloves may migrate and unintentionally be leached into food.

Our gloves have passed multiple tests for food safety, such as chemical and colour migration. These test methods are internationally recognized standards of testing and were performed by accredited laboratories.


Weight (g)

Length (mm)

Palm Thickness (mil)

Finger Thickness (mil)

 Tensile Before Aging (MPa)

Tensile After Aging (MPa)

Elongation Before Aging (%)

Elongation After Aging (%)

≥ 2.2

≥ 230

≥ 1.6

≥ 2.0

min 14

min 14

min 500

min 400



**Glove weight, thickness or color could be customized according to your needs.

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