Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is an ethical trade service provider that supports business commitment to continuously improving ethical practices throughout the global supply chains.


CMSB has joined Sedex as a Supplier (B) Member, and have recently completed our ethical audit under the SMETA 6.1 4-pillar audit format. As a registered member of Sedex, Central Medicare Sdn. Bhd. has committed to continuous improvement of our responsibility to uphold the 4 pillars of SMETA- Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.


SMETA is a globally-recognized ethical audit procedure developed by Sedex which covers aspects of responsible business practices and is designed for suppliers to easily share audit reports with customers and meet their requirements to ensure long term sustainable business. Our first published SMETA audit report is readily accessible via attachment link below and also can be found in Sedex directory.

Our Sedex member details are as below:

Company/Site Name: Central Medicare Sdn Bhd
Company Reference: ZC406883006
Site Reference: ZS406883027

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